Toy Trends


Despite all the technological advancements, there are still some trends that aren’t dead yet. One of these trends is Generation Z, who are predicted to be 40% of the global consumer base by 2020. Known for their love of nostalgia, this generation has become increasingly vocal about their love for toys, especially those from the past. They are viewed in videos that have 520 million views, proving that they want to feel like they were a child again.

Fidget toys

The toy trends of the present are largely due to the internet. Among the most influential social media platforms is YouTube, which is responsible for promoting many new products. TikTok was the top downloaded app on the Apple App Store for both 2018 and 2019. It’s artificial intelligence algorithm is considered the most advanced of its kind, generating content that users are attracted to. This makes it the cultural zeitgeist of the youth of the day. The TikTok app even has a section dedicated to fidget toys and other fidgety items.

Fidget toys were originally developed for children with attention and learning difficulties, but they exploded into the mainstream market in 2017. In the first six months of 2017, sales of fidget toys rose to over $1 billion, according to Amazon. The growth of fidget toys is partly attributed to social media, which allows parents and children to share videos with each other. According to play expert Therese Hoyle, fidget toys can help children focus, which is beneficial for learning.

Another new trend is Pop-Its, which are bubbles made of silicone and are used to provide a satisfying sensory experience. These toys are easy to use and come in various shapes and sizes. Some researchers believe that pop-its can reduce anxiety and improve fine motor skills.

As kids’ media consumption habits shift, parents are more concerned with experiences, rather than just material possessions. In fact, more than half of parents say that social media and digital content play a role in the toys that their kids play. Toys that combine digital worlds with real life experiences can provide parents with the best of both worlds.

Gun-themed toys

Toys with gun-themed themes are becoming a popular trend among young children. It seems to go hand in hand with the trend of social media. In one case, a middle school bus in Mason, Missouri, was targeted by teenagers who shot a gun at the students. It was a frightful sight for all involved.

The trend has also spawned violent challenges in social media. One of these challenges involves toy guns that fire water beads. Several brands, including the SplatRBall brand, shoot water gel pellets. Another popular option is the Orbeez water gun, which shoots small beads of water and is propelled by a spring-loaded air pump mechanism. The trend has caused a flurry of reactions, and police in Akron, Ohio, have posted pictures of their officers firing Orbeez guns.

Another trend involves water-based gel beads, which are popular in TikTok videos. These toys can cause serious problems for drivers who are distracted by these devices. Some police departments have banned these types of toys because they pose a threat to children and their safety. The Davenport Police Department advises parents not to let their children play with these toys, since they might resemble real guns.

Police in eastern Iowa have even started warning residents about TikTok gun-themed toys. They have become so popular that some people have made their toy gun look like a real weapon. This has led to safety concerns in many cities across the country. However, it is still unclear why people would use these toys.

TikTok is now a powerful marketing platform, and toy brands should capitalize on this. The platform has a huge audience of young people, and a toy brand can use it to raise brand awareness and increase sales. However, if your brand doesn’t take advantage of these trends, you are missing out on a marketing opportunity.

Screen-free toys

Whether you’re a homeschooling mom or a stay-at-home parent, screen-free toys can help your kids stay entertained and engaged. TikTok is the main place kids go to find new toys, and the advertising industry is following the trends. This year’s holiday toy trends are heavily linked to popular apps, video games, and social media influencers. This shift in marketing strategies has made it necessary for toy manufacturers to switch from traditional television and radio advertising to online platforms.

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