Top 5 Rabbit Alternatives

Whether you’re looking for a way to watch your favorite streaming videos without having to share them with others, Rabbit is a good choice. The platform supports a variety of file types and is easy to use. In addition to letting you share your video files, Rabbit also lets you sync playback with other members.


SyncLounge is a synchronization service aimed at Plex users, and it lets you enjoy flawless synchronization between all of your devices. It works by using its own server and passes data to multiple users to ensure flawless sync. Compared to Rabbit, it does not support voice co-watching, but it does offer other features.

SyncLounge is not an exact Rabbit alternative, but it does have some great features. It allows you to synchronize your media library on a Plex server, and it also enables you to chat with other people while you watch videos. SyncLounge is one of the best Rabbit alternatives, as it allows you to watch your videos in perfect sync with your friends. In addition, you can contribute live reactions to videos with a webcam.

Syncplay is a cross-platform application that works on Linux, MacOS, and Windows. It also supports offline media. It supports MPV, VLC, and MPC-HC, and you can even watch Netflix content. Syncplay also supports multiple platforms, and it works without any latency problems. Parsec lacks chat features, but it can play video in real time.

Another Rabbit Alternative is, where you can create a private room where you and other people can watch Anime and chat. The AnimeRoom also includes group chat functionality. It also offers synchronized playback and seamless streaming.


Rabbit is one of the most popular video sharing sites available for both Android and iOS, but it has some limitations. It does not offer audio chatting, but it does allow users to chat with friends, family, and the public. It also supports a variety of video services, including Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, and Soundcloud. Despite its limitations, it is free to use and can be very useful.

If you’re an anime fan, AnimeParty is a great alternative. The website allows you to create a private room and invite your friends and family to watch synchronized videos or movies. While it does lack the advanced features of Rabbit, it does offer a group chat feature and group video streaming. It is also free to use, which is important if you’re looking for a Rabbit alternative.

Another great alternative to Rabbit is Giggl. It allows you to create private rooms and chat with members. Another great feature of Giggl is that it offers no time restrictions and no limit on how many users you can invite. Parsec also offers private rooms, but is more focused on video gaming. There’s also Vynchronize, which is another great Rabbit alternative. This streaming service lets you stream anime with friends and family.

Other great alternatives to Rabbit include Twoseven, a video sharing website that supports multiple platforms, including YouTube and Vimeo. It also supports a number of popular streaming services, though it doesn’t support audio. Both of these sites offer Chrome extensions that enable you to share videos with friends. While it is not an ideal alternative to Rabbit, they’re both good choices.

AnimeParty vs Rabbit

If you are looking for a social media app that allows you to watch Anime together, AnimeParty is one of the best options. It has a no-frills interface, and allows you to create private rooms with other users to watch different anime together. It also offers a group chat feature that is great for meeting up with friends. However, it tends to be slow on Android devices. You can also try Tutturu, which is a shared browsing app that lets you invite friends to join you in your viewing room.

Kosmi is another popular alternative to Rabbit. It allows you to create your own room, invite friends to it, play games, and watch movies with your friends. It also allows you to create playlists and chat in the integrated chat room. While there are some disadvantages to Kosmi, it can still be a great option for your anime viewing experience.

Another advantage of using AnimeParty is its compatibility with any browser and mobile device. However, its tutorial is outdated. To use it, you’ll need to install an extension and follow some steps on its website. The site also offers a help channel on discord.

Another good Rabbit alternative is Watch2gether. The social media app is similar to Rabbit, but with more features. It allows you to watch videos with friends and family, and includes a chat room where you can interact with your friends. It also supports different video platforms and is free to use.


While Watch2Gether and Rabbit are great options for sharing video content, togetherTube has more features, including the ability to chat with friends and family. Users can also create rooms to share files, videos, and screencasts with others. TogetherTube also supports YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Other features include a voting system, the ability to change the names of other users, and a variety of features for collaboration.

Another Rabbit alternative, TogetherJS, allows users to share videos in real time. This application uses an open-source JavaScript library to allow users to watch videos and interact in real-time. Both Rabbit and Togethertube require a shared screen to use, but the latter also offers private rooms so that users can collaborate and share files.

Rabbit was an excellent social networking app, but it had many downsides. Although its popularity was a big draw, some users found it difficult to find Rabbit alternatives. The main problem is that they didn’t have all the features that made Rabbit so popular. Fortunately, the options have improved over time.

Together TV is another Rabbit alternative that works on a browser. It allows users to share remote desktop screens with friends and stream media files from their computers. The app also supports audio chat. The downside is that the program requires a download of the Syncplay software. But once installed, both the program and the software can work together.


SimulChat is an online chat application that enables you to chat with people in real-time through video. It features both text chat and video conversations, private chat rooms, and file sharing. Unlike Rabbit, which has limited video streaming support, Simulchat allows you to share videos and movies with others.

SimulChat allows you to share visual content with others and handle all of the supporting tasks, including creating chatrooms and sending texts. This chat application also lets you create groups and call people. It also has a host mode, which allows you to pass the remote to whoever you want.

Another option is Together TV, which lets you view video clips from a remote desktop. Although not a mobile app, this service is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Users can share random videos and music from their PC. Similar to Rabbit, this application also lets you audio chat with your friends.

Parsec is another video streaming app that allows you to chat with people in real-time. It has group chat functionality and does not have latency issues. It also lets you chat with friends while watching videos. Although it lacks audio capabilities and webcam support, Parsec is still an excellent choice for chatting with friends in real-time.

SimulChat is another excellent option for chat rooms. It is web-based, and very easy to use. SimulChat also allows you to watch YouTube videos with other users.

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