QuickBooks Pro Vs Premier Comparison


While many companies are turning to cloud-based software to automate internal processes, many companies still use desktop accounting software like QuickBooks. This article will help you decide which program is best for your business by comparing QuickBooks Pro and Premier. QuickBooks is a program developed by Intuit to help small-to-medium businesses manage their invoices, cash flows, and bills.


When comparing the cost of QuickBooks Pro vs Premier, it is important to understand what you get for your money. Each version has its own unique set of features, and the comparison table will help you determine which one suits your company best. The costs for each version vary depending on how many users you plan to add.

QuickBooks Premier provides industry-specific reporting. It has 150 sales and financial tax reports and the ability to customize them. However, it doesn’t have the features of subsidiary and parent reporting. It also does not have the same features for price customization. In addition, the Premier version doesn’t support Bin Location Tracking, and Bar Code Capabilities.

QuickBooks Pro is aimed at small businesses, while QuickBooks Premier is aimed at businesses with multiple users. The Pro version helps you create and manage sales reports, track inventory, and track daily sales and profits. It costs $299 compared to $499 for QuickBooks Premier, but offers more features and supports more users.

While both QuickBooks Pro and Premier offer excellent invoicing options, they are far from the same. If you’re starting a business, it’s important to know which one is right for you. For a small company, you might want a self-employed plan with basic functions like managing expenses, making sales, and managing sales taxes.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you may want to consider using QuickBooks Premier. It has additional features that will benefit your business growth, such as a nonprofit version that tracks donors. It also has more extensive reporting and can help you manage your inventory and track sales tax. Both programs have free phone support, automatic data backup, and extra features.

When comparing the cost of QuickBooks Pro vs Premier, you should consider your business size. If you have more than $1 million in revenue, you may want to invest in QuickBooks Enterprise. The Enterprise edition offers advanced tools for managing client data files. It also offers additional customization tools. The price of QuickBooks Pro and Premier varies depending on the number of users in your business.

While the Premier plan offers more features than the Pro version, it is less expensive overall. You can save money by getting a 30-day trial or getting a special offer for the first three months. You can also add payroll processing to your software for an additional fee. The basic payroll plan costs $45 per month plus $5 per employee. With this upgrade, you can get other features, such as role-based access and same-day direct deposit.


QuickBooks Pro and Premier both offer similar feature sets but differ in some ways. Premier provides more functionality and supports more users. Premier includes advanced features, such as job costing and project profitability reporting. In addition, Premier lets you share files with clients, making it easy to keep your business running smoothly.

Both programs are versatile, but Premier offers greater functionality and is more affordable. It is also more flexible in price level, making it a better choice for small businesses. Although you can purchase QuickBooks Pro with a fixed price, it isn’t flexible enough for most businesses. When considering which version to purchase, think about how urgently you need to manage your business. If you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider QuickBooks Premier.

For example, QuickBooks Premier lets you send invoices to multiple customers at once. You can also group your customers into Billing Groups. This feature makes it easy to organize your invoices by date and time. In addition, you can filter your list by date and select the customers you want to invoice.

The leading edition of the software, QuickBooks Pro, simplifies financial tasks and manages cash flow. Its powerful features help you save time by automating manual processes, such as payroll, creating invoices and printing checks. It also has a robust email system and document center. For larger businesses, you might want to consider QuickBooks Enterprise.

Both QuickBooks Pro and Premier offer industry-specific features, such as inventory management. Both versions also come with enough storage space and can support up to 40 users. The Enterprise version, on the other hand, supports thirty users. QuickBooks Pro and Premier are great choices for small businesses and freelancers.

QuickBooks Premier has many features that make it more versatile. It has the ability to track purchase orders and inventory, and allows password protection of closing dates. The software also has a robust reporting capability and features to track mileage, loans, and employee time. However, there are some features in the Pro version that you won’t find in the Premier version.

Forecasting capabilities

QuickBooks Premier offers a number of features that small business owners find invaluable, including the ability to forecast sales. This tool helps business owners make informed financial decisions and determine their business’ readiness for expansion. QuickBooks Premier also includes several industry-specific editions that can improve the functionality of the program. For example, QuickBooks Premier lets contractors track expenses and generate customized job cost reports, which are helpful for monitoring job costs and modifying job orders.

Whether a business focuses on sales or marketing, a forecast report can help them make smarter decisions. In QuickBooks Premier, users can track their forecasts in both dollar and percentage formats. This is important for companies that are trying to improve their marketing and sales strategies.

QuickBooks Premier offers more features for tracking inventory. In addition to being able to run reports to determine whether a business is running low on inventory, it also lets users see which products are performing well. It can also prioritize open sales orders and close them at a time that suits the business. If your organization is focused on fundraising, QuickBooks Premier will help you create donation statements in no time and comply with IRS Form 990.

Learning curve

If you’re considering switching from an older accounting program to a newer version, you may be wondering whether you should purchase QuickBooks Pro or Premier. Both of these programs have different set-up processes and feature sets. QuickBooks Pro and Premier are designed for Windows users, but QuickBooks for Mac is designed for users who use a Mac. Both programs are designed for small businesses and freelancers.

Intuit is a leading company in the accounting industry. Their QuickBooks software is a popular choice among small and medium-sized companies. It’s designed to help business owners manage invoices, track cash flow, and pay bills. It’s easy to use and has a relatively low learning curve.

However, a business that is unfamiliar with using QuickBooks will most likely find its learning curve a hindrance. Intuit also offers a tiered licensing system, with plans ranging from five to thirty users. Beginners may want to opt for a cheaper, simpler version of QuickBooks Pro or Premier.

Both QuickBooks Pro and Premier have the same feature set, but the Premier is more flexible and supports up to five users at a time. Moreover, Premier is better suited for businesses with multiple users. It also offers extra features, like sales order management and inventory management. QuickBooks Pro and Premier are designed to suit small businesses with general accounting needs.

Whether to purchase QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier depends on the needs of your company. If you have a small business, you might benefit from the free version of QuickBooks Pro, but if you’re a professional, you should opt for the Premier version. The former is geared toward small businesses, while the latter is designed for large companies.

Choosing between QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier will ultimately depend on your business needs and budget. While QuickBooks Pro is cheaper than the latter, the Premier is more advanced. Some small businesses choose Pro first and upgrade later to QuickBooks Premier, but those with limited budgets may opt for the Premier version.

The learning curve of QuickBooks Pro vs. Premier is geared toward small business owners, while QuickBooks Desktop is more suitable for larger businesses. However, if you’re a professional accountant and are looking for a more complicated program, QuickBooks Desktop may be a better choice for your needs.

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