Pokecord Discord Bot Commands

To use a Pokecord bot, all you need is a Discord account. This bot will help you send messages to your friends, invite them to your server, and display your Pokemon’s Moves. It will even try to learn some of them for you! Then, you can send them links to your Patreon page or an invite to your official server.


There are several commands in the Discord bot which help you find a pokecord bot. The first one is p!invite, which gives you a link to send to anyone who’s interested in joining your pokecord server. Other commands include p!donate and p!patreon, which send links to the bot’s Patreon page and official server. Some other useful commands include p!prefix, which sets a prefix for the server, p!redirect which redirects to a certain channel, p!channel enable/disable, and p!donate which allows you to make a donation to the bot.

Pokecord is a virtual game in which players can capture and battle Pokemon to earn XP. The user can trade Pokemon with other players, battle other players, or level up Pokemon. A bot of this kind sends random messages to users who want to join, usually with a picture of a Pokemon, and instructs them to type a command to catch it.

There are also other commands that you can use to interact with other players on the discord server. One such command is p!buy. This command will let you buy a Pokemon, cancel a purchase, and challenge other players. Using this command allows you to interact with other players on discord and earn money. You can also sell Pokemon by dueling or selling them, and p!invite gives you a link to an invite bot, a patron page, or an official server.

If you are wondering which Pokecord commands are the best to use, you can look at the list provided on the official Pokecord website. It is important to note that some servers may have changed these commands.


To help the bot with its fundraising efforts, you can use the p!donate command. This command sends a link that you can click to donate to the Pokecord server. This command will also allow you to vote for the server on Discord Bots site. There are other commands you can use to support the bot.

Pokecord is a discord bot that allows players to trade Pokemon and battle against each other. The bot will spawn a Pokemon into every participating Discord, so you can name them quickly and invite other users to join the server. You can also join the official server of the bot.

Pokecord Discord bot can also display the moves of your Pokemon. If you’re using a PC, you can type in “p!help” to see what options are available. If you’re using a mobile device, you can type “p!” to view more information about a particular Pokemon. If you want to send a direct message to a friend, you can type “p!donate” to send them an invite to your official server.

This bot allows you to catch Pokemon and battle other players. It is available in several languages, including English. It has many useful commands for catching pokemon, battling, and trading. There are also several commands for Team Duel and Tms. With these commands, you can easily help the bot when you’re in a game.

If you’re a fan of the game, you can use these commands to help you make money in the game. You can also spawn Pokemon and earn cash by dueling or selling your captured Pokemon. There are many different commands that you can use to help your bot make money in the game.


You can install a pokecord discord bot to your server and use it to unban people or invite them to join your server. There are many commands that will allow you to control the bot, and each one has different functions. These commands will allow you to make your discord server more enjoyable for all of your friends and subscribers.

The first command is p!challenges, which will display the challenges currently being played. Another command is p!redirect, which will redirect the Pokemon from one channel to another. You can also disable spawns in all channels with p!redirect. These commands are very simple and are easy to learn. However, if you are new to pokecord, you should read the Pokecord manual carefully before attempting any of them.

There are many commands available to help you make money with Pokemon Go. One of the best uses for p!appeal is to challenge other users for a duel. You can also use it to see your credit balance. Another useful command is p!market. This command will display the page of the market you’ve requested and show you the various search options. You can also use p!market view to see the detailed information on each Pokemon.

If you want to see what the Pokemon you choose is doing, you can also use p!moves to see the moves that it has. These commands are all easy to use, and you don’t have to know any programming language to do this. And don’t forget to ask the developers of the bot if you have any questions. You can also check out the FAQ page for more information on how to use the commands.

Pokecord is one of the most popular Discord Bots available. With it, users could collect Pokemon, battle them, trade, and much more. Another cool feature of this bot is its ability to randomly spawn Pokemon in a Discord channel. When you do, you must immediately name them to make sure that they’re not accidentally spawned. To use a Pokecord, you can join an official server or start your own.


If you want to redirect people to a different channel on your discord server, you can use the p!redirect pokecord discord bot commands. These commands change the prefix of the channel to another one. Other useful commands are p!daily and p!levelup message. These commands are useful for disabling levelup messages in your selected channel and redirecting them to the other one.

You can use these commands to get pokemon from other players. Putting them into your channel will allow you to see their name and stats. Besides that, the p!detailed command will provide more information about them, and the p!buy command will let you buy them. If you want to cancel the transaction, you can also use the p!cancel command.

You can also use these commands to challenge other users in a duel. To use these commands, you need to put the @ sign before the username you wish to challenge. With this command, you can also choose which Pokemon to challenge. With the right commands, you can earn money by dueling and selling your captured Pokemon. These commands also help you to learn new Pokemon moves.

Another command that helps you to redirect to a different channel is p!help. The bot will show you pictures of Pokemon that have just spawned. You just need to name them in time to make sure you can win. With this command, you can also select your starter Pokemon from a list.

Pokecord bot commands have a variety of features and can help you enjoy the game more. You can choose from many available bots on Discord. If you are unfamiliar with the commands, pokecord commands can help you get started in the game. With a little practice, you can master them and make the most of your gaming experience.


When using the pokecord bot, you need to know which commands work for which features. There are many commands available, such as p!levelup and p!prefix. These commands allow you to spawn Pokemon randomly or in a specific channel. They can also be used to set alerts that tell you when you’ve leveled up. There are also commands to disable level-up alerts and to clear spawn messages.

The first command is p!levelup. You can enter it to send a message to your leveled Pokemon. If you’re a beginner, it may be confusing to type in the exact same command in every single channel. To avoid confusing new players, you can also disable spawns for your server. Another option is to make it only post level ups in specific channels.

After entering this command, you should wait a minute or two. The spawning of the pokemon depends on the number of posts in the server and on how long it has been active. The more active a server is, the more pokemon it has. The more people who use it, the more competition it will face. If you’re a mobile player, this can be a disadvantage.

After typing the pokemon commands, you’ll receive a notification. Then, you’ll need to guess the name of the pokemon in the message. You can even add your favorite pokemon to your favorite list. You should be able to catch pokemons when you use pokecord bot commands.

If you want to know more about these commands, you can type them in a Pokecord supported Discord channel. For instance, P!levelup will level up your Pokemon automatically, but you can also use p!info to display more information about each pokemon.

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