How to Upgrade a Follower to Rare in World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft, there are several methods to upgrade a follower to rare status. These include crafting an item, using a food item, or enchanting a follower’s items. These methods should not exceed the item-level cap of your followers. Listed below are some of the most common methods to upgrade a follower.


There are three main ways to upgrade your followers. The first way is to equip them with the appropriate item. The ability of a follower is dependent on their class and talent specialization. Each class has its own set of abilities, and many abilities are exclusive to a specific specialization. Even if a follower has a low level, they usually have enough useful abilities to make them worthwhile.


If you’re looking to upgrade a Follower to rare quality, you have several options. Unlike Legendary Followers, which you can’t upgrade, rare Followers can be randomly upgraded. After you have maxed out the Follower you have, you can use experience points to upgrade it to a rare quality.

You can also upgrade your followers to better handle missions and to counter threats. At the moment, the highest level that a follower can be upgraded to is 655 but will increase with the release of 6.1. This means you can spend more money on your follower’s items without having to upgrade your main character.

If you have Followers with certain profession traits, you can assign them to buildings in your Garrison. Followers assigned to buildings have a 50% chance to double the number of work orders. As the Follower levels up, their chance to double work orders increases. For example, level 90 Followers have a 50% chance to double work orders, while level 100 Followers have a 100% chance.


To increase the rarity of a follower, you must first level it up to epic quality. You can do this by using a special upgrade that gives your follower two item-level buffs. This will ensure that your follower will never die even if he or she is in the Starving status. However, you must keep in mind that this type of upgrade is glacially slow.

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