How to Slam in UFC PS4

In UFC PS4 you can learn how to slam your opponent using a variety of different techniques. You can use your leg strength to drive your opponent to the ground, and then follow up with a barrage of punches and kicks. You can also use your shoulder blades and wrists to help you land the slam.


In ufc ps4, you must learn to defend against takedowns. In the game, you must hold the triggers LT and RT on Xbox One or L2 and R2 on PlayStation 4. The key to success is to lock in the timing so that you can defend against takedowns.

In UFC 4, the takedown controls are different than those in UFC 3; the aim is to pin your opponent to the mat, as this will give you a substantial advantage. This will allow you to get more strikes in and deal more damage. To defend yourself from a takedown, press L2 and R2 on PlayStation or LT + RT on Xbox.


If you want to slam your opponents’ knees in UFC ps4, learn the proper technique. The use of knees in the game will give you a huge advantage. Here are some of the proper techniques. To slam your opponents’ knees, you should first distance yourself from your opponents. You can do this by double pressing the R stick while facing your opponents, or by pressing the L1 and circle buttons on the Xbox One.

The exact technique depends on which fighter you’re playing as and what position you’re in. Using your leg strength to drive your opponent to the floor will let you slam their knees, and then follow up with a flurry of punches and kicks. In the game, you should also be able to rotate your wrists and shoulder blades to do a powerful slam.

Blocking them

If you’re a fan of UFC games, you might be interested in learning about blocking slams. This will help you avoid slams and protect yourself from attacks. You should also be aware of the timing of takedowns. In the game, your opponent will be trying to escape by moving their Right Stick, and blocking one of these attacks will prevent the next one from being attempted.

Countering pressure fighters

If you’re a newbie to the UFC series, you should start out by diving into the Learn Menu and jumping into the Practice Mode. This will allow you to measure the amount of damage you can deal and to develop your timing. This mode also lets you record your fights, so you can program your opponent to throw certain combos and hooks. It can also help you learn which defensive techniques work best against pressure fighters.

A pressure fighter will look for ways to knock out the defender, so the key to beating them is to keep them on their toes. For this, use a combination of a lead jab and a lead hook. These two hits can stun or knock down the pressure fighter and damage him or her severely.

Using a good striker can help you score easy knockouts, but a pressure fighter will often counter such techniques as a leg kick or body kick. You can also use other strategies, such as distance management, to keep your opponent on his toes and out of your face.

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