How to Play DVA in Overwatch 2

If you want to be a good DVa player, then you must learn how to play the role well. You must know how to pick fights well and alternate between protecting your teammates and eliminating enemy characters with low health. You should also learn how to coordinate your actions in order to achieve the best possible results.

DVa is a tank

Unlike her predecessor, D.Va has been reworked a lot since Overwatch 2. She’s now a primary tank. In Overwatch 2, the tank role is more important than ever. The game is shifting to a one-tank style, which means that a tank is important to the team. Therefore, a tank must understand a different set of tactics than her predecessor.

Despite her low health and defense, D.Va is capable of doing a lot of damage, particularly in a dive composition. This makes her an excellent choice against long-range hitscan heroes, because she can get close to enemies. Her primary weapon is the Fusion Cannon, which also gives her Ultimate charge. However, this weapon has a movement penalty if it is used constantly. Additionally, the Light Gun is her only weapon when she is ejected from her mech, which makes it easier to remain in the fight and gain an Ultimate charge for Call Mech.

In 1v1 situations, D.Va is vulnerable to support heroes like Winston, Zarya, and Doomfist. As a tank, you need to protect yourself from these heroes and get out of their way. Using a shield and using micro attacks can be dangerous if you’re facing a one-v-one.

Another important thing to consider is the armor D.Va has. She can take a lot of damage. However, because of her armor, she’s hard to kill. This makes it essential to use the Defensive Matrix. This will shut down some of the enemy’s ultimates and make the entire team safer.

She deals 152 damage per second

A D.Va is an elite tank in Overwatch, and she deals a tremendous amount of damage. With a base damage of 152 damage per second, she is one of the most dangerous players in the game. Unfortunately, she suffers from a 40% movement penalty when firing her weapons. To overcome this issue, you need to learn when to fly and where to aim. Flying can help you pick off enemies far away, but you should always aim for an easy escape location.

You can boost your D.Va and displace enemies so that she can reach her vulnerable allies more quickly. While this may sound like a good thing, you must consider the timing of your boosters so that you can make the most of their benefits. You don’t want to waste them and risk missing a critical opportunity.

She can push enemies into the abyss

The Self-Destruct ability is one of the most powerful Overwatch abilities, but it can be wasted if you don’t use it correctly. It can cause a massive damage output, but you can also waste it by letting your enemy get away. To maximize the impact of this ability, boost on top of an enemy, then let the bomb go off. Doing so will cause your opponent to run for cover. Also, be sure to charge through your opponent to push them into the abyss.

While D.Va can deal a huge amount of damage, she does have a 40% movement penalty when firing guns. The good news is that she can fly quickly toward her enemies, but only if she can do so at the right time. That’s why it’s vital to learn when to pick enemies and make sure you’re isolated. This will make it easier for you to get away later if necessary.

She has access to twin fusion cannons

If you’re wondering how to play DVA in Overwatch with twin fusion cannons, you’ve come to the right place. Fusion Cannons are short-range cannons that spray shotgun-like rounds. These weapons are only available on Mechs. If you want to use them effectively, you should only fire them from close to medium range. Once you go beyond this range, the weapons lose their effectiveness and deal less damage. If you’re able to get close to enemies, use a Fusion Cannon on them. It is recommended to use this weapon to corner enemies and aim at their upper body for maximum damage.

If you’re new to Overwatch, you might be wondering how to play DVA with twin fusion cannons. First of all, you’ll need to understand how these cannons work. When you use them properly, you’ll have an incredible advantage. You won’t need to worry about reloading – the mech will charge your ability each time you fire it. This means that you can use them in tandem or independently, depending on the situation.

A good mech suit can be a godsend for D.Va, especially in Overwatch. It will absorb damage and keep you safe, but you can also use boosters to make it easier to get close to enemies and deal damage. These boosters can also give you an edge in the game, as they give you a chance to deal damage while you are escaping. Overwatch guides also contain tips for leveling faster and character strategy.

She has a defense matrix

If you are wondering how to play D.Va in Overwatch, there are a few tips you need to know. Basically, you should play aggressively, picking fights with other characters, and alternating between protecting your support and destroying enemies with low HP. It is very important to coordinate your movements to make the best use of your abilities.

The primary ability of D.Va is the Defense Matrix, which is a defensive and offensive tool. It helps keep your team alive by eating enemy projectiles and reducing their damage. This ability is best used in short bursts and will reduce enemy armor damage. You can also utilize your Support Allies to restore your health.

Another powerful tool is the Defense Matrix, which can block incoming projectiles for three seconds. This ability is best used for defense purposes, as it will protect D.Va and her allies from melee attacks. The Defense Matrix, however, is only effective in close range.

DVa’s dual fusion canons are extremely effective in close range, but they are useless outside the mech. She can also leave her robot to deal damage with her Light Gun. Having an ability gauge will protect her from enemy attacks, but if she gets killed outside of her mech, she is forced to retreat.

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