How to Play D.VA

If you want to know how to play D.VA, you need to learn some fundamentals first. There are several types of D.VA and each has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Mech Pilots, for instance, are a popular choice as they can perform different functions, such as being able to steer and shoot. Mechs, however, aren’t the only options when it comes to D.VA, and it can be quite challenging to get it right.

Mech Pilot

If you are a Mech Pilot in D.VA, you will have two main objectives. The first is to score as many headshots as possible. This will allow you to call your next mech, but there are also times when you will want to target an enemy D.Va or a large enemy at a distance.

Another important objective is to complete missions without dying. This can be done by using your mech’s boosts. By using boosters, you can gain a fly speed of 80 feet (Ex) for one round. After that, you must wait for 1d4 rounds before using your ability again. Additionally, you can purchase defense matrix to grant your mech a DR of 10/- and a +4 Reflex save. Lastly, you can eject the mech from combat if its hit points are low enough. This is an option that only works when the mech is 0 hit points.

In Mecha Guardian V, D.Va first began playing the game while she was in high school, and eventually rose to first place. The game is a fanatical hobby for D.Va, and she once built a hoverbike with her friend Dae-hyun. The Mech Pilot’s main weakness is her relatively low survivability. As a result, she relies on her supporting heroes to survive.

Aiming to score the highest APM possible is another key to success in the game. In this mode, you must be able to defend yourself from enemy attacks. It will help you build up your APM and evade damage while using the defense matrix. If you can do this successfully, you’ll be able to earn an APM of 84,480!

Ultimate ability

The Ultimate ability of D.Va is her most iconic ability and can be used to deal a lot of damage. This ability causes her mech to explode after a few seconds and will usually kill most enemies in its range. When combined with boosters, this ability can deal over two thousand damage and almost guarantee a kill. However, you need to be very careful when using this ability, as most enemies are able to dodge it.

During the fight, D.Va’s mech will often shoot enemies, resulting in a triple kill or team kill. However, this is not the best way to use this ability because it’s a very long cooldown. Experienced players will wait for the perfect moment to use this ability to knock back their enemies.

After playing Mecha Guardian V for a while, D.Va began to develop her own abilities. She quickly rose to the top of the game and eventually won the world championship. She is also an extremely passionate mechanic, and has even built her own hoverbike with her friend Dae-hyun.

In Overwatch, the Ultimate ability of D.Va is an extremely scary power. She deals 152 damage per second and is one of the most powerful tanks in the game. However, she has a big disadvantage: when she fires her guns, she is penalized by 40% movement speed. This means that she has to be careful and pick her time carefully. Picking at the right time can help you escape from a crowded area.

When used correctly, the Ultimate ability of D.Va can be effective in removing entire teams. It’s best used on enemies who are close to the objective, as it can disperse the enemy team and allow your team to deal damage while the enemies are distracted.

Defense Matrix

How to play Defense Matrix is a skill that reduces enemy Heroes’ damage by 50%. It is also retargetable and grants the same amount of Self-Destruct Charge to Mechs that are within its area. There are some new changes in this class that you should know.

The main function of Defense Matrix is to protect your team and yourself for two seconds. While it is in use, you cannot attack and your allies are protected from hit-scan attacks. You must use the skill quickly so you don’t get hit and lose life. This skill is extremely useful during a game of Fortnite as it mitigates more enemy projectiles and allows you to deal with more enemy damage.

The Defense Matrix also comes with other features like SMS Protect, Audio Transcripts, First Time User Experience, and other tools. It’s one of the main reasons that people will be playing Overwatch 2. The game’s registration system is likely to be updated to make the process as safe as possible for all players. In addition, Blizzard is also implementing a mandatory system to prevent cheating. Players will now need to enter their cellular phone number as a security measure.

Blizzard has also recently implemented a new initiative called Defense Matrix to combat disruptive behaviors in the game. This initiative aims to make the game safer and more competitive for everyone. Players will be able to report cheaters and other players who are disrupting the gameplay experience. The initiative will begin Oct. 4 and will be implemented as part of the new Overwatch system.


Boosters for D.Va are a great way to gain advantage on the battlefield. They can be used both offensively and defensively, and have a low cooldown. When used offensively, they can be combined with a melee attack or a Micro Missile to take down your enemies quickly.

The first thing you should remember when using Boosters for D.Va is that the damage they deal to enemy Heroes will be much higher than if they were on their own. Fortunately, this is no longer an issue as the March 25th patch fixed a bug that prevented D.Va from launching her mech when Self-Destruct was active.

Another important thing to remember is that D.Va’s main weapon is the fusion cannon, but it’s not very effective at long range. Her secondary weapon, the micro missile, makes up for the lack of a long range attack. Aside from fusion cannons, D.Va also has boosters that let her move faster and fly. She also has a Defense Matrix, which absorbs projectile attacks. The matrix also has a recharge timer, so it’s important to keep this in mind.

Self Destruct is another powerful ability that D.Va has. When combined with Boosters, this ability can wipe out an entire team quickly. It can be used on any enemy in the way of a mech, and it can be used in combination with other skills. Self Destruct is especially useful when D.Va’s mech is surrounded by enemies, and it can cause a huge explosion.

D.Va is also a good option for a dive composition. Since she can get up close to enemies, she’s ideal for this composition. When inside her mech, she uses Fusion Cannons as her primary weapon. This weapon is an effective way to gain an Ultimate charge, but does have a slight movement penalty. Moreover, if she gets ejected from her mech, her only weapon is the Light Gun. This weapon is a good way to stay in the fight and get an Ultimate charge for her Call Mech.

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