How to Make XML Improvements to Improve Your Website

Duplicate title tags can cause your web page to have two different URL addresses. A few ways to fix this problem include resubmitting your sitemap, adding page numbers, and fixing untrusted canonical tags. These are just a few of the many ways to improve your website. These simple techniques will help you improve your web page and get better SEO results.

resubmit sitemap to fix duplicate title tags

When submitting your sitemap, check for missing XML tags or attributes. Incorrect values cause an error message. If you find a tag that is missing or incorrect, resubmit the sitemap. You should see a message with the line numbers and the error code of your sitemap.

If you are using XML sitemaps, make sure to resubmit them to Google. This will let Google re-crawl your site and fix duplicate title tags. However, it may take several days for Google to crawl your site and index it again.

To resubmit your sitemap, go to Search Console and click on Submitted sitemaps. Then, click on the graph icon next to the sitemap name. This will show you more information about the sitemap, as well as the Index Coverage link. Then, click on the All Known Pages link at the top of the page. Choose the sitemap you want to submit from the list.
Add page numbers to duplicate title tags

You’ve likely heard that duplicate title tags aren’t useful to search engines. This is because Google considers pages with the same title tag as duplicate content. As a result, it penalizes sites that use duplicate title tags. Even if they’re not penalized, duplicate title tags still tarnish the image of a website, which is bad for your SEO efforts. Thankfully, there are solutions to this problem.

One way to make sure your title tags are unique is to create additional content that targets different terms. Duplicate title tags are bad for your SEO, and they make Google do a lot of extra work. Using multiple title tags also makes it more difficult for search engines to decide which page a user wants to view. As a result, some pages may get a higher ranking than others, while others may get ignored altogether. This can result in lower traffic and higher bounce rates.

Another way to make your title tags unique is to add page numbers to the end of each page. You can do this by inserting a % sign (%) in front of the number. This will make it appear in the title. Having a page number in the title is a good practice for SEO, as it helps users navigate through your pages easily.

Lastly, you can create different versions of duplicate titles on different pages. For instance, a site with several gem stones may sell the same blue sapphire twice. Instead of one page for each stone, you can create different titles for each page, which will help Google categorize your pages. This will make it easier for Google to find your pages, and will also encourage more clicks.

SEO has many components, but title tags are one of the most important. Make sure that you use relevant words in your title tags, and don’t overplay the use of keywords or phrases. Always remember to think of the searcher and match your content to their intention. Remember, your title tags should be informative, relevant, and easy to understand.

Fix untrusted canonical tags

If you’ve noticed that your website has several URLs with the same content, you may be suffering from canonical issues. These problems can arise due to various factors, including redirects, search parameters on ecommerce sites, or syndicated content on multiple sites. These duplicate pages can hinder your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

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