How to Get Your Jump Shot Better

You can improve your jump shot by practicing the right technique. The best way to get a good shot is to be squared up with the basket and turn your shooting side inward toward the hoop. You must also be in balance when releasing the shot. This will ensure that you can jump off the floor with both feet. For long shots, you should go straight up. For outside shots, you should aim the ball just before you are about to jump.

Thompson’s tight and smooth jumper

Klay Thompson’s tight and smooth jump shot has several key elements that separate it from the rest of the pack. One of the most important elements is the speed of the catch and release of the ball. Most shooters struggle with this, and a slight delay can affect how well they shoot. Thompson, however, is able to avoid this problem by increasing the speed of the catch and release.

First, Thompson dips the ball to his right hip. This action reduces the likelihood of a jarring release and allows him to elevate the ball straight to his release point. In addition, the same point on the right hip must be reached every time. Finally, he maintains his balance by making sure that his hands stay as straight and stable as possible.

Klay Thompson’s tight and smooth jump shot is a great example of how to balance the body before the shot. While he’s guarded by LaMarcus Aldridge, he looks completely balanced before the shot and mirrors this position at the point of release. When frozen, Thompson seems to be jumping straight up, but fast-forwarding the shot reveals that he’s positioned his legs in front of the three-point line.

Thompson has proven his value in the past as a scorer, especially in the early part of his career. His emergence has been a key part of the Warriors’ season, and with Thompson returning, the team has a much stronger core than before. Adding Thompson back gives them another championship-tested player to add to their already stellar roster.


If you want to improve your jump shot, you must develop proper footwork. There are different methods of improving footwork, but the main idea is to develop a rhythm. The feet are the foundation of your jump shot, so any variation can affect the rest of your shot. You must practice thousands of repetitions to get the right footwork.

You should land with your feet shoulder-width apart and slightly pointed in the direction you jumped. This will give you better balance and a faster shot. You should also have your dominant foot slightly in front of the other. You should also try to absorb your weight on the way down and up. You can also simulate a half turn by executing side steps.

If you’re looking to develop a more explosive jump shot, you can start with basketball drills. This will help you improve your shooting speed and develop an ideal shooting stance. For instance, a drill where you step into your shot without establishing a pivot foot and toss the ball with backspin is an effective drill. Repeat this drill 10 times on each side to develop a natural shooting stance.

To get the most out of your jump shot, you must focus on your footwork. All athletes need proper balance. It’s important to be in a state of dynamic balance in order to generate the power and strength needed for your jump. Proper footwork affects your base of support and center of gravity, and you can improve your jump shot by learning to perform them correctly.

Dropping your elbow

Dropping your elbow to get your jump shot improved may sound like a great idea, but it isn’t as simple as that. It introduces shoulder muscles into play, which can alter the location of the ball. This technique can make your jump shot less accurate and inconsistent.

The correct release of the ball at the top of the jump gives you an advantage when you shoot. When you shoot from this position, defenders can’t block you high in the air, which is key for making accurate shots. Also, by shooting at the top, you will be in a better position to release the ball later.

When you land, you should aim to land in the direction of your jump, with your non-shooting hand pointed in the same direction. Some players will land forward during their jumps, and this is OK. But if you land backwards or with your non-shooting hand foot forward, that’s a sign that you’re unsure of your balance.

Another cause of shooting elbows is not placing your shooting hand under the ball at the set point. To shoot from the right angle, your elbow should be under your wrist at this point. Keeping your elbow under your wrist while shooting is an essential part of developing a repeatable jump shot.

Developing muscle memory

There are a few simple steps you can take to improve your jump shot. One of the most important is learning to balance. It is critical to develop good balance before you start shooting. You should have your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. It is important to stay balanced throughout the shot and land in the same spot. If you are unsure of how to balance your body while shooting, practice jumping off of a piece of tape. When you land, look down to see if you landed directly on the tape. Once you’ve mastered this skill, you should be able to do it automatically during game time.

Another important tip is to learn the mechanics of shooting. There are many different aspects of shooting, and changing your mechanics too often can throw off your shot. It is also important to remember that making big changes will require a lot of repetitions. Therefore, the easiest way to improve your jump shot is to make minor adjustments to your delivery. For instance, you should be able to shoot over the backboard with optimum leg power, releasing the ball a split second before the top of your jump motion. This should be easy, but it will require practice and a lot of repetitions to perfect your technique.

The next step to improving your jump shot is to develop your muscle memory. By practicing the same shot mechanics over, you’ll become more efficient and confident in your ability to hit the basket. In addition to practicing the same shot mechanics, you should stay relaxed and confident. This way, you’ll stop thinking while you shoot.

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