How to Get Thorn Year 3 in Destiny: Rise of Iron

In Destiny: Rise of Iron, you can obtain the Exotic Hand Cannon Year 3 Thorn by completing the quest A Light in the Dark. This weapon is similar to the Exotic Hand Cannon you obtained in Destiny Year 1. This weapon is only available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It’s a Weapons of Sorrow

The Year 3 Thorn is one of the most coveted weapons in Destiny: Rise of Iron. In order to get it, you will need to earn Motes of Light, which can be obtained by playing Crucible matches and cashing in engrams. Once you’ve earned enough Motes of Light, you’ll be able to get the Year 3 Thorn from “The Abomination Heist” Strike and the Year 3 Thorn Exotic quest.

Once you’ve got this weapon, you’ll need to find the ruins of Thorn. To get there, use the first Transmat and look for a small nook on a cliffside. Once you find it, examine the fire. This is where you’ll find the Thorn, so make sure you have all of your gear ready.

Once you’ve got all of your pieces, you’ll be ready to begin the rebuilding process. The first step is to find a node that offers crafting materials. You’ll find this in the EDZ. You can also access the Farm by opening Director – Destiny and clicking on the Farm option. You’ll then need to rework your weapon in order to upgrade it. You’ll also need to find the ‘Song Strike’ element, which has 660 power. Once you have this, you’ll have more health and melee modifiers.

If you’re wondering how to get Thorn in Destiny, there’s a few ways to do this. One way is to complete the questline for the Thorn Exotic Weapon. You can also use the Skelton Key to unlock a chest in the Strike Hoard. After completing it, you’ll have the Thorn in your inventory.

It’s a PVP weapon

One of the most unique weapons in Destiny 2 is the Exotic Hand Cannon, Thorn. The weapon has an eerie dark black appearance and features many spikes on the sides. It also has a powerful poison DoT. Although it has a relatively short range and has poor stability, Thorn’s ability to poison enemies makes it one of the most powerful Hand Cannons in Destiny 2.

The Thorn makes an appearance in the Trials of Osiris and Season of the Drifter campaigns. It was the first gun in the game to use poison ammo. It has an Aim-Assist of 85 and has a unique trait, Mark of the Devourer, that causes enemies to take poison damage over time. The Thorn also has an excellent rate of fire, allowing you to hit your target up to 140 times per second.

Another weapon that is useful for PVP is the Wardcliff Coil. This weapon is a staple in Destiny, as it can be crafted and has powerful perks. This weapon is an excellent choice for those looking to dominate in PVP. It has strong damage and a fast reload time.

The Cayde 6 hand cannon is also a great choice for PVP. With its 13-round magazine and 140-round rate, this is a great choice for mid-range encounters. It has a high range and can even detect enemies if you’re close enough. It has a high damage output and can be bought from Monument to Lost Lights.

It’s slow

The Year 3 Thorn is a legendary weapon that is coveted in the latest Destiny expansion. You will need to obtain enough Motes of Light in order to purchase it, which you can do by playing Crucible matches and cashing in engrams. After you have obtained sufficient Motes, you can buy the weapon from “The Abomination Heist” Strike or from the Year 3 Thorn Exotic quest.

In the first part of the Year 3 Thorn quest, you will need to kill all the monsters in the Crucible and deal Void damage. While dying will not affect your progress, you will have to collect five Motes of Light in order to access the quest’s final stage. You will also need a Skeleton Key in order to open the chest. This is an extremely rare item in Destiny, so you should make sure that you have an open slot on your primary weapon before attempting this quest.

The Year 3 version of the Thorn is much easier to obtain than the Year 1 variant. You can also upgrade its Light level up to the new cap.

It requires Plasteel Plating

To make Plasteel Plating, you need to gather Hadronic Essence by defeating Titans, completing bounties, and completing the Nightfall strikes. Plasteel Plating is a durable hybrid plastic that Titans prefer over other materials for its workability. However, the material is rarely found, and the Red War has wiped out the DIY supply chain. As a result, it is best to use a quest that rewards Plasteel Plating as part of the quest.

Thorn (Year 1) is an Exotic Hand Cannon at level 20, and can be obtained by completing Exotic Weapon Bounty A Light in the Dark. The weapon’s Mark of the Devourer perk lets you use the weapon’s powerful rounds to pierce targets and cause lingering damage over time. Once you have a Thorn in your arsenal, you need to re-upgrade it. This means using a remixed version of Savathun’s Song Strike, which has 660 power and modifiers for all elements. It also has more health than its original counterpart.

The final step in a Thorn quest can be obtained by completing a quest called The Chasm of Screams. The special version of the Savathun’s Song strike called The Chasm of Screams has a higher difficulty level, so players may struggle with this final stage. This quest can be a difficult one, but the reward is worth it.

It has a damage over time perk

The Thorn year 3 has a damage over-time perk that increases your damage per tick. This perk also helps you finish enemies with a low hp. It’s also useful when you’re outside of team modes. You can also use it as a support weapon to finish enemies that are beyond your one-hit-range.

To get your Year 3 Thorn, you must get the Motes of Light (ML). Motes are earned by playing Crucible matches or cashing in engrams. You can also get the Year 3 Thorn by completing the “Abomination Heist” Strike or the “Year 3 Thorn Exotic quest”. Once you’ve collected the Motes, you can use the Year 3 Thorn in Crucible to take down enemies.

The Thorn is an excellent support weapon in the Crucible. It can synergize with many weapons while reducing health regeneration, allowing your teammates to kill enemies quickly. This is especially beneficial when playing competitively. Although Thorn isn’t the best choice for long-range duels with other weapons, the damage over time that it deals makes it an effective support weapon.

While Thorn is a strong tank in PvE, he’s weak in the Gambit gamemode. Thorn is best at killing high-value targets and ads. If you’re looking to play in a competitive game mode, you might want to try another hero instead.

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