How to Catch a Pikachu in Pokemon Go

If you want to catch a Pikachu in Pokemon Go, here are some tips: First of all, you should try walking as far as you can, because this will increase your chances of catching a Pikachu. It will also help if you know where to look for an egg with Pikachu in it.

Shiny Pikachu

Shiny Pikachu is one of the mascots of the Pokemon franchise, so naturally many players are curious how to catch one. It’s similar to the normal Pikachu, but brighter and gold in color. While getting a shiny Pikachu isn’t guaranteed, there are certain steps you can take to increase your chances of catching one.

First of all, you must remember that the shiny Pikachu is an uncommon variant of its species. This means that it has an increased chance of appearing in the wild. You can also catch it during special events. You will know when it’s shiny because it will have an icon above its CP.

Once you’ve spotted one, you can try to lure it to a PokeStop or avatar. The chance of getting a shiny Pikachu is about one in 425. To lure a Pikachu, use your avatar or lure it to a PokeStop.

You can also find Pikachu in Spotlight Hour events. These events occur at specific times in the game and are organized by Niantic based on time zones. A Pikachu wearing a TCG hat is one of the featured Pokemon for June 2018. This will increase your chances of catching a shiny Pikachu.

Shiny Pikachu is an uncommon Pokemon and can only be caught if you’re lucky. You must be able to use the proper equipment to catch it. You may want to use an incense. The incense will help you increase your chances of catching a shiny Pokemon.

Another way to catch a shiny Pikachu is to build up your catch combo. A shiny Pokemon will appear once every blue moon, so building your catch combo is key. You can also earn shiny encounters by performing certain tasks. In Pokemon GO, you can also use streaks to increase your chances of catching a shiny Pikachu.

Shiny rates vary depending on the rarity of Pokemon. It is generally 0.2 percent to one in 500 that you will encounter a shiny Pikachu. Therefore, it is important to play the game regularly to increase your chances of catching a shiny.

Standard Pikachu

The standard Pikachu in Pokemon GO is a fun and easy to catch Pokémon. These colorful Pokemon are very common, and Niantic has made them widely available, allowing people to find them in a variety of ways. You can find these Pokemon in the wild, by hatching eggs, and even in raid battles. You can also try looking for them in areas that are classified as “industrial”.

When you are looking for a Pikachu, you should first look for it in the nighttime. It will be located in the bottom right corner of your screen. Then, go to an area with rustling grass, and then tap it to catch it. If you are unable to catch it, you can keep incubating the egg.

While searching for Pikachu, you should look for starter Pokemon nearby. Often, these will respawn with the Standard Pikachu, so you should always be close by if you want to catch it. You can also check out science museums and power plants. These are good places to find Pikachu if you are interested in learning more about the evolution of these Pokémon.

After catching your starter, you can use this to evolve into stronger Pokemon. You can evolve this pokemon into a stronger component by using its special attacks. If you want to use it for a specific purpose, you should learn to use the Volt Tackle attack.

If you can’t find a Standard Pikachu in the wild, try looking for one in the game’s Let’s Go, Pikachu! mode. There are special versions of Pikachu in this game that you can obtain by playing Poke Flute.

In addition to catching the Standard Pikachu, there are some rare and unusual Pokemon that can be found in Pokemon Go. To find them, you’ll need to use the “rare and uncommon” Pokemon guide and collect two-kilometer eggs. This method is quite painful and you’re not guaranteed to catch a Pikachu this way. However, if you’re patient and can handle the grind, this option is a good choice. It’s possible to find other useful Pokemon along the way.

You can also try to catch the Detective Pikachu. This Pokémon is also available for a short time and isn’t randomly spawned. You can catch this type of Pikachu once every day, but you can’t get a shiny one.


There are a few different ways to catch Pikachu in Pokemon Go. You can either hunt for the rare and uncommon Pokemon or wait until an egg hatches. Either way, you’ll increase your chances of catching Pikachu, as well as your supply of Pikachu candies.

Firstly, you must be able to find an egg. Eggs are produced by breeding two Pokemon of the same gender and of the same Egg Group. The Pokemon that hatches from the egg will be the species that is lower in the evolutionary line than the mother. If you’re having trouble finding a good place to hatch your Pokemon, you can try visiting one of the many Pokemon Day Cares in Solaceon Town, as well as one in the Coumarine City Pokemon League.

When hatching an egg, it is crucial to be moving quickly. Taking a jog or cycling route will ensure the fastest hatching time. This will allow you to avoid bumping into obstacles or going round in circles, which won’t be very effective.

Another way to catch a pikachu in Pokemon GO is to walk away from a starter Pokemon. You can also check science museums and power plants for a chance of finding one. There’s also a way to find a Pikachu in a lab. If you can’t find one of these, you can try looking in the surrounding area. You can also try using a mobile device to find the Pokemon.

The Pokemon egg is also named after the character that spawns from the Egg. The original Egg, Mudkip, resembled the core series Egg, with light blue spots. Ash received it from Nurse Joy in Vermilion City. Old Man Swamp also raised many Mudkip Eggs as starter Pokemon for the Hoenn region. However, Mudkip proved to be too strong for the new Trainer.

Magnetic Lure Module

The Magnetic Lure Module is an upgrade that can be bought with PokeCoins. It will help you catch Pokemon and evolve them. You can buy this item from the shop for around 180 PokeCoins. You can also earn free PokeCoins by capturing Pokemon at controlled Gyms. You can also collect coins by completing Special Research tasks and Timed Research tasks.

In Pokemon Go, there are four different lure modules. These include the Magnetic, Mossy, and Rainy lure modules. All of these lure modules are available in the game store for purchase. You can also get them as rewards for certain quests and when you level up your character. Once you get a lure module, place it on a Pokestop. To do this, you must select an empty space above the disk. Then, wait a few minutes until a Pokemon appears.

Lure modules can attract various types of Pokemon. Some attract any nearby Pokemon, but some attract only specific kinds. You can place a magnetic lure in a specific location to increase the chances of catching a particular type. Special lure modules can attract as many as 20 Pokemon in thirty minutes. If you are lucky, a few of them will be rare special spawns.

If you are trying to catch a Pikachu, you can use the Magnetic Lure Module. It will attract Water and Ice-type Pokemon. You can also use the Rainy Lure Module to attract Electric-type Pokemon. This lure is not available at Gyms.

Magnetic Lure Modules are a great way to catch specific Pokemon in Pokemon Go. These lures are placed at PokeStops to attract more specific Pokemon. They can also be used to complete the evolution process of certain Pokemon. For example, when using one, you can catch a Rock-type Pokemon, Magneton can evolve into Magnezone, and Nosepass can evolve into Probopass.

You must be near a PokeStop that has a Magnetic Lure Module. You can place one by yourself or another trainer. Make sure you have plenty of Candy so you can evolve the Pokemon.

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