Fallout 4 Ending Guide – How to Get Best Ending in Fallout 4

There are four possible endings to Fallout 4 and each one will depend on how you continue playing the game after reaching the Institute. Which factions you choose to help will also have an impact on which ending you get. In this guide, we’ll go over the best ways to complete each of the four endings and help you choose the one you want to unlock.


In Fallout 4, the Minutemen are an important faction that strives for the revival of the Commonwealth. Though they were previously considered a neutral faction, they soon allied with the Railroad faction. Choosing this ending allows the player to stay friendly with the Railroad and Brotherhood of Steel, or even become hostile to them.

This faction also offers some unique missions that the player can choose to complete. You’ll also have access to more companions and encounter fewer factions angry with you. You’ll also receive more XP and loot. As a result, this is the best ending in Fallout 4 for most players.

In this ending, you will meet Elder Arthus Maxson, the supreme commander of the Eastern Division. The Eastern Division has an easier time with technology, and they consider synths and ghouls abominations. You’ll also be able to form an alliance with the Minutemen, and they’ll help you fight the Brotherhood of Steel.

Those who are seeking a more relaxing ending can go with the Minutemen. In this ending, you’ll be in control of an army, and will decide what happens to the other factions. As a result, you’ll be free to explore the wastelands guilt-free. You can also choose to take on missions for the Railroad faction and the Brotherhood of Steel.

The Railroad faction is a good faction in Fallout 4. The Railroad faction wants to free Synth life from oppression. It will also give you the best armor upgrades, and it will allow you to build good relations with the Minutemen. This faction is also the most popular in Fallout 4.

While the Minutemen are the most popular ending in Fallout 4, there are other options. The Old North Church is a good option as well, with a secret,’spy’ feel to it. While the dialogue and credits are similar, you will need to choose a faction before you begin. Once you’ve done that, you can start working on the Mass Fusion quest, which makes your character a member of the Railroad, Institute, and Minutemen.

If you’re a good guy, the Railroad is also a good choice. In this ending, you must take control of the Institute and destroy the Brotherhood of Steel. In addition, you’ll also have to destroy the Institute’s headquarters, and take control as the official leader of the Minutemen.


The Institute best ending is one of the most emotionally satisfying. This ending is earned by completing the Railroad quest, which also earns the player the Railway Rifle. The Institute is an enemy of the player, but if you defeat them, you can be one of the last remaining survivors of the game.

The Institute best ending is very different than the other two endings. In this one, the Institute completely destroys the Brotherhood of Steel and the Railroad, and it has an extra scene. The Institute has noble goals, but its methods are questionable. The Institute is not the only faction that survives the final two endings, but it is the only one that destroys all the other factions.

The Institute is a faction in Fallout 4, where people who are willing to go to any lengths to protect themselves from the others. The Institute will not allow you to contact the other factions, so you must wipe out the Railroad and the Brotherhood of Steel first. This way, you’ll be able to make a decision that will lead to the best outcome for you.

The Institute is a group of people who control the society. They create Synths and manipulate the society. This makes them the villains in the story, but they are also Humanities last hope for a better future. The Institute is the main antagonist in Fallout 4, and you can choose to side with them for the ultimate end.

This questline is the best ending in Fallout 4. The shocking revelations that you learn in this quest line will keep you playing. The Institute and the Railroad are destroyed in the final act. The game will also end all the quests for the Institute, Railroad, and Power Armor. And of course, you’ll get to meet Father.

The Railroad and Institute are two factions that differ in their goals. If you want to be more politically active, you can join the Railroad and achieve a peaceful outcome. This will free up the synths, stop the immoral experiments, and bring peace to the Commonwealth. In addition, you’ll get four new companions, including the Super Mutant Virgil.

Brotherhood of Steel

Whether you’re a fan of the classic Fallout series or a newcomer, you should make sure to play the Brotherhood of Steel ending in Fallout 4. This is the most ambitious and rewarding ending in the game, and features two main missions: preserving the technology for future generations, and protecting humanity from outside threats. As the leader of the Brotherhood, you’ll need to travel to Cambridge, and take out the hordes of ghouls that attack it.

This ending offers the most dramatic and satisfying storyline, with a twist at the end. The Institute and Railroad are completely destroyed, and the Sole Survivor is promoted to sentinel. The ending also closes off the Railroad and Institute quests. However, it does include spoilers that will make you think twice before playing the final ending.

You can also choose a Railroad ending for Fallout 4. This ending will result in the liberation of the Commonwealth and more non-hostile synths. In addition, this ending will be the only one that survives Act Two. In the Institute’s ending, the Minutemen and Railroad will be the weakest factions, but this option will keep them friendly.

The Minutemen are a faction that you can play with the Brotherhood of Steel. They are the most popular of the two. They want to rebuild their communities and thrive in the Commonwealth. However, their mission is to help the Commonwealth survive as much as possible, so they want you to be an agent of peace in the region.

The Railroad ending, on the other hand, is slightly more complicated. However, you can skip a lot of quests to get to the Brotherhood of Steel’s preferred ending. By doing this, you will be able to gain more resources and a more advanced nuclear reactor. In addition, you can avoid having to build the parts for Liberty Prime.

The Railroad ending is the best way to save the Synths from servitude. It also gives you the option to save a Synth boy who thinks that you’re his parent. This is the best option for people who want to save Synths and return them to humanity.


To achieve the Railroad ending in Fallout 4, you must first be undetected. This will require you to infiltrate the Institute, destroy its headquarters, and then use a holotape to download data. You must then clear the area so that you can detonate the explosive charge.

This ending is different from the other endings in the game, and requires different gameplay styles. To find out the differences between these two endings, visit USGamer’s Fallout 4 Walkthrough. The Railroad leader is most likely to be found in the Old North Church. You should also mark any remaining stragglers in the Commonwealth in your map.

The Railroad is the good faction. It tries to protect the Synths and will help them gain freedom. It gives players the Deacon and Ballistic Weave Armor mods. On the other hand, the Institute is a faction made up of scientists that use synths to do their bidding. This faction blames humankind’s prewar culture for their downfall. They prioritize scientific progress over the preservation of life.

The Railroad questline is separate from the Institute questline. Once you complete the Institute questline, you can start the Precipice of War. However, your relations with other factions will be affected. In addition to this, the Railroad is more hostile towards you when you are not completing quests.

If you’ve been following the Railroad questline, you will be able to find out the new ending in this chapter. You will have to defeat the Minutemen and return the Institute data to Sturges, allowing you to continue the main questline. But don’t worry – you can still do Railroad quests, including building a teleporter and meeting Father.

The Railroad first appeared in Fallout 3’s “The Replicated Man.” This quest is where you first meet the Railroad. The Railroad is a group of spies. The player helps this group without realizing it. The members of the Railroad are Herbert Dashwood and Tulip.

To complete the Railroad ending in Fallout 4, you must travel to the railroad HQ in Boston. Then, talk to Deacon and learn about its goals. When you reach him, choose whether to support his lie or tell the truth. The Railroad is now under attack by the Brotherhood of Steel, and you must protect the railroad. You can even join the railroad after this mission if you want to become a member.

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